The difference between a REAL and a FAKE towing company

Many towing companies have “fake” addresses. Addresses that won’t seem real or event might look like an address of a resident. Mission Valley Towing is proud to only have one true location. If these search engines would verify each towing listing within their data banks, the way I figure, 20 percent of these listing would […]

How to Find the Best Towing Company with Towing Reviews and Place Your Vehicle in Good Hands.

While driving, there are many instances when your vehicles stop in the middle of the road and you need immediate help with the towing of the vehicle to a workshop. In this hour of need, you would want to get help from some reliable towing service to get your vehicle to the right place. Many […]

Overview of Towing Company Responsibilities to Provide and Maintain Safety Around a Vehicle Crash Site.

Vehicle Towing and Accident Recovery: The commonality of vehicle crashes has led to the ever increasing demand of the towing companies. These companies can prove to be an immense help in the time of your need, especially when you are enshrouded by worry or anxiety followed by a car crash. You will definitely have other […]

Towing Vehicles With Flat Bed Trucks

Towing equipment has certainly changed over the years. They have gone from being basically a pickup truck with a single hoist to more sophisticated trucks for towing cars and larger trucks for handling other large vehicles like semis, RV’s and buses. As vehicles have changed with more models and categories so has the equipment needed […]