Custom Made Flatbed Rollback for Mission Valley Towing

Custom Made Flatbed Rollback for Mission Valley Towing

This new truck does it all. Before tilting down, this rollback goes back eleven feet. That’s two feet further than most other rollbacks. The further the flatbed goes back, the better load angle created. Some times it the difference of clearing a ditch. On a flat surface, this truck flatbed combination will create an eleven degree load angle. Every other rollback I’ve seen on a Hino 195 was about a 14 degree load angle.

This Mission Valley flatbed is equipped with several tie downs running down both sides. These tie downs are mostly for attaching straps to your tires. The outside post holes provide additional tie downs for wider cars. These straps can go over your tires or through your tires. Several options depending on the car being carried.

Using chains are my first choice on most older cars even many newer cars. Actually, if the manufacturer supplies tie downs in the undercarriage, I believe it’s better not to touch the wheels. Manufacturers of cars always keep in mind how they want their cars towed, they supply options for the tow driver or they don’t. Many cars require attaching to the wheels. This new custom made rollback provides all these options.

The dump angle on this truck can really make this flatbed steep. This can help when pulling car up a steep ramp, this flatbed will conform. It also helps when trying to get a vehicle off with stuck tires for many reasons. I’m able to get the tires to the edge of the bed, then flatten out the bed and set the tires and the car on the ground. So much versatility with this truck that it can make tough situations easy.

The storage options on this truck are equally impressive. The stationary cab shield has a big tray for four foot ramps for the lowest vehicles and uneven ground while loading.
This truck has a three foot tool box on one side and a four foot tool box on the other side. Each box has a high sided tray for additional storage on top.

Kilar, in Hubbard, Ohio is the place to have your top of the line rollback manufactured. For what they offer, I’m surprised we don’t see more of them. Kilar is very popular on the east coast. I believe Mission Valley Towing is the only towing company in southern California to have a Kilar bed under five years of age.

This Mission Valley Towing flatbed rollback tow truck is equipped for all the latest needs of your car with very impressive flatbed angles.