flat tire repair san diego

Everyone has to change their car tire at some point or another. From construction nails and blowouts to debris, tires can get punctured or flattened. Whenever you need fast and quality tire change and repair services, you should call us to help you.

Regardless of where you’re in San Diego, we will be there to assist you. So, do not hesitate to contact us whenever you face tire trouble.

Mission Valley Towing can install your spare tire or, in some cases, repair your tire in less than 1 hour.
Some tires can’t be repaired. The biggest problem is that people drive on their tire after it’s gone flat.
If we can find a nail or screw in your tire, your tire could be repaired using a tire plug. We always test the fix by looking for bubbles at the spot of repair. If the tire isn’t repairable, hopefully, you have the proper spare. Without a good spare, we could flatbed your vehicle to a tire shop of your choice.

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