Mission Valley Towing- from antique automobiles to electric cars

towing a mercedez

Nothing tells better the story of Mission Valley Towing than the wonderful reviews, photos, and experiences that we have of our customers. Our flatbed towing services are the ideal solution for a wide range of vehicles, from antique automobiles to electric cars. This year we have been active in the community, working day and night […]

Tips to Help you Find a Towing Company – Roadside Assistance (Updated for 2022)

Getting towed is not precisely the kind of thing you think about all the time when you are driving down highway 5 or your neighborhood streets. Ten years ago, when I lived in New York, the weather was horrible, and it was hard on my older Volkswagen. I often had to take it to a […]

How to get your car ready for roadside emergencies

summer roadside assistance

When summer season approaches, you may venture yourself to make that long trip that you have been waiting to do. It’s also a time when you need to be ready for emergencies on the road in unfamiliar or remote places. Instead of using your car’s trunk as a free storage unit, clear out the junk […]

How to jump-start your car’s dead battery

Battery Jump Start Services in San Diego

Few things will ruin a day like discovering your car’s battery is dead. But the day isn’t a lost cause just yet. Access to jumper cables and another running vehicle is all you need to get back on the road. And if another running vehicle isn’t available, you could use a portable jump-starter, too. All […]