How to Find a 24/7 Towing Company Online

Towing is not exactly the kind of things you think about all the time when you live in San Diego, but when you need one, it’s good to know where to call and find a 24/7 towing company online. The last couple of days of rain and flooding on Downtown San Diego, Mission Valley and Tierrasanta has been tough for many car owners. Many of our customers at Mission Valley Towing said that they weren’t sure what was the best way to contact a reliable towing company.

Good news is that we are on the age of technology. What that means for daily drivers is that if you’re stuck on the side of the road and looking for a nearby towing company to get help with your vehicle or have a flat tire or are locked out, you are not alone.  As long as you have a smartphone with data connection, you can start a search by just pressing a button like Siri, or saying “Ok Google” if you are using an android phone, and then continue with “Where can I find a towing company nearby?”

Let’s explore what is the best way to call a reliable 24/7 Towing company:

  1. I tell all my friends and customers that nothing beats a referral. If you have used a towing company in the past and are happy with their services then save their number for the next time you need roadside assistance. Otherwise call a family member or a close friend and ask them if they know of a tow truck service that they can recommend. Mission Valley Towing values is very consumer centric and values a great deal what our clients think about our service.
  2. A quick search online will populate a list of tow truck and roadside assistance companies in the front page of Google. This is a fast way to get the contact information for several towing businesses but it has some drawbacks like: some of the companies may be closed for the day, some of them may have lots of bad reviews or not even answer the phone.
  3. Go on Yelp and search for towing companies nearby. I personally recommend this better than just going to Google. When you start your search using Yelp you can filter the results by who is closest to you and also the number of positive reviews.
  4. Download an app on your phone to search for towing companies, some of the most popular startups that offer roadside assistance are: Geturgently and Honkforhelp.
  5. Call AAA Roadside assistance or go on their website, they will ask for your zip code and recommend a list of towing companies that service your area.

At Mission Valley Towing, we look out for vehicles which have troubles on the freeway and deliver swift roadside assistance. With over 20 years in the towing business, we continually offer the best services in San Diego and its environs.

Our rates are extremely affordable, services are professional, and we remain friendly as we help you.

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