Towing San Diego


Do you have to make sure that your car arrives in its original condition? You definitely need high-quality flatbed towing services in San Diego. Unlike winches, trailers, dolly trucks, and many other towing methods note that a flatbed tow job is better as it will keep your car in place as well as elevated off of the ground.

San Diego flatbed towing services are important for transporting and delivering, as well as other times when your vehicle has to be adequately handled with more care. Whenever you need top-notch flatbed towing services in San Diego, you will not find anyone better than Mission Valley Towing.

We have the experience and knowledge to easily and quickly load your vehicle or car onto our flatbed and then haul it away fast! So, save yourself some extra time and use the best quality flatbed towing service in San Diego.


Few things can make you feel as dumb as looking through the driver side window in your car and seeing your car keys resting inside. And specialized “San Diego locksmiths” are pretty expensive. When you are looking for affordable and reliable lock-out services in San Diego, you should call Mission Valley Towing.


Everyone has to change their car tire at some point or another. From construction nails and blowouts to debris, tires can get punctured or flattened. Whenever you need fast and quality tire change and repair services, you should call us to help you.

2.5 gallons of fuel will be delivered. Please call for 24 hour roadside assistance.


Many car owners in San Diego treat their cars like their pride and joy. So, it’s not a good day for you when your vehicle is involved in an accident. Mission Valley Towing provides 24 hour towing that you can count on for help.


Here at Mission Valley Towing, off-road recovery is one of our specialties. We have a reliable 4×4 wrecker to handle all moderate off-road calls; however, for more serious calls, we’ve a truck specially designed to handle the most extreme cases.


If your car battery dies on you, you will likely be stuck until you restart it. And we know that is highly inconvenient and annoying. Replacing a dead battery can be a tedious and lengthy process that you might not have the time and equipment to complete.


Did you know that many towing companies do not have the right equipment and resources to safely transport a motorcycle? Mission Valley Towing has the right equipment to easily and safely pick up and transport your bike or motorcycle.


Our experienced, talented, and highly trained professionals bring the utmost levels of safety, quality work, and customer service when providing loading and unloading services.

Call for 24 hour roadside assistance. – Call (858) 278-1247