You will be greeted with a 2015 flatbed rollback from Mission Valley Towing. Here at Mission Valley Towing, flatbed towing has been improved with the 2015 Hino 195 combined with a Kilar custom built flatbed rollback that brings our load angle to 11 degrees. If your car has been lowered or your car has low clearance, or you just want the best for your car, this is the flatbed for you. If our competitors are using a similar truck and aren’t using a Kilar rollback, they can’t compete as thier load angle will often be 2 to 3 degrees steeper in angle. Mission Valley offers the flatter incline and that always helps. This becomes more important when a cable is pulling from underneath your car. When you hire Mission Valley Towing to flatbed your car, beyond having the best angles and a 2015 truck, your driver will have over 20 years experience flatbeding cars. Please call for 24 hour roadside assistance.

Mission Valley Towing uses the latest array of lockout tools available. Combine this with an operator that’s been unlocking all cars since 1992. You can trust us to get your car door open. Please call for 24 hour roadside assistance.

Tires can be repaired roadside. Obviously, some tire canít be repaired. The biggest problem is that people drive on their tire after itís gone flat. If we can find the nail or screw hole your tire could possibly be repaired using a tire plug. We always test the fix by looking for bubbles at the spot of repair. If the tire isnít repairable, hopefully, you have the proper spare. Without a proper spare we could flatbed your vehicle to a tire shop of your choice. Please call for 24 hours roadside assistance.

2.5 gallons of fuel will be delivered. Please call for 24 hour roadside assistance.

If someone is seriously hurt please call 911. If no person was seriously injured, please call for estimated time of arrival. Please have your location figured by getting an address or the street names of the nearest intersection. Think about where you would like to take your vehicle. Please call for 24 hour roadside assistance.

Lots of chain and cable combined with a hydralic winch sometimes makes the difference if your vehicle becomes stuck. Sometimes it takes a four wheel drive jeep for your recovery. Mission Valley Towing is ready. Please call for 24 hour roadside assistance.

Mission Valley Towing offers 30 foot one gauge cables with 800 amp connectors combined with dual batteries and a powerful alternator. These cables are hot! Please call for 24 hour roadside assistance.

Mission Valley Towing offers the Condor cycle mover that’s used on a 2015 flatbed rollback. We have the correct tie downs for your motorcycle, soft ties, and the new Bar Harness tie downs for sport bikes. Try to keep the bed of the flatbed tow truck clean at all times. This is the way to move your motorcycle damage free. Please call for 24 hour roadside assistance.

Load the vehicle on the ground and place it inside of the truck; or we load vehicle from inside truck and place it on ground. With this flatbed we can match the height of your truck. Please call for 24 hour roadside assistance.


Call for 24 hour roadside assistance. – Call (858) 278-1247