4 Questions to ask your towing company in San Diego

Choosing the right towing company can be overwhelming when you desperately need a tow truck in the middle of nowhere. At such short notice, you may want to settle for any company but then be ready for any consequences. To be on the safe side, read through the questions below, and ask them to the potential towing companies in San Diego before hiring them.

Do You Operate 24/7?

This will be an important question if you are looking for a long-term partner. It is never anyone’s wish to call a different towing company every time their vehicle breaks down. Therefore, getting one that can come to your rescue any time of the day throughout the week can be a real time saver.

What is Your Response Time?

Even though this question may get varied answers, it is crucial to ask. Apart from helping you to choose the company that will get to you faster, it is a better question to use to vet a reliable and honest towing company. When the timeline you are given is not realistic, that would be one of the red flags to note about the concerned company.

Are You A Vehicle Repair Company?

This is an all-important question too as it will make the work easier for you. If you can get a towing company attached to or from an auto mechanic San Diego, you can as well kill two birds with one stone as your vehicle will be towed to the same place where it will be worked on.

What Tow Truck Types Do You Have?

Not all towing trucks are similar and can be varied based on different aspects and vehicles they are designed for towing. While engaging the towing company, inquire about whether they use flatbed trucks, tow dollies, wreckers, or any other kind. This information will be vital to helping you take care of your vehicle.

Do You provide Initial Cost Estimates?

Before committing to anything, ask for the cost estimates. The estimate will help you to get a rough idea of how much you may end up paying for everything. When your vehicle is down or cannot move, a towing company that delivers would be your ideal friend. Therefore, it is crucial that you have contacts of at least a towing in San Diego that can tow your car conveniently.