San Diego auto accidents most common questions

auto accident what to do

Sometimes we wait until the very last minute to find out what we need to do in a particular situation, but being involved in an auto accident is not fun thing and it will be better if we are well prepared for such a situation, let’s explore our San Diego Auto Accidents checklist brought to you by Mission Valley Towing:

We need to be well informed on what is the proper thing to do when we are involved in an car accident in San Diego, CA. Regardless or whether you  suffered an personal injury or not, or if your car needs repair due to the accident:

  •  Who is guilty when I collide behind my car? The most common is the driver who hits another with the back of your car is to blame for the accident, even if the driver in front braked sharply and this causes the accident continues to be the fault of the person who hit from behind because you must maintain a prudent distance entered both cars to avoid braking.
  • If I was in an auto accident but it seems that it happened something i can keep driving and leave? No, when there is an accident you should not leave the scene of the crime. It is very important that you move to one side of the road in a safe place, to verify that you or the driver of the other car does not have any injury or that cars do not have suffered some kind of damage.
  • What are the steps to follow in order to report an auto accident? If you crashed, the first and most important step is to think about your safety, be sure to stop in a place where it is safe. If you or the driver of the other car are injured immediately call 911 to send an ambulance and a police patrol. Call your family to know who has had an accident. Call your auto accident lawyer and if you need to also call a towing company.
  • What information should I ask the other driver when I am in an accident? Once you have parked in a safe place and verify that it can be directed to the driver of the car that hit him and take note of the following information that most commonly asked his insurance company: name and surname of the other driver, information of your auto insurance, your license, registration of the car, color and year.
  • Who can I call for help if my car is not driveable due to an accident? If your car can not be driven or driving it will cause further damage to your car like a risk of burning the engine, the radiator is leaking, or gas is leaking, you must called a towing company. Make sure to do the research and called a towing company that is experience, has good reviews and has the proper equipment to handle your vehicle.
  • How do I know if suffered any injury in an auto accident? When you have been in a collision with another car, it is important to make sure if you suffered an injury. Some injuries in the neck or back, do not feel at the moment, these are known as whiplash and could spend some time before you feel the pain.