What do I do if someone hits my car?

report a car accident

What do I do if I hit my car? At some time in our life almost everyone has been involved in a traffic accident but we do not always know what is the correct procedure to follow when we hit someones car or when someone else hits our vehicle.

In the event that the auto accident has been the fault of the other driver and no person has suffered a physical injury then we can follow the following steps to report the accident and be able to make a claim for damages:

1. Park in a safe place near where the accident occurred and do not move the car from that place until you have finished with each of the next steps.

2. Call the police and report the accident even when the other person says that it is not necessary and that they will cover the costs associated with the accident. Generally it is a good idea to have the officer make a police report.

3. Take photos with your cell phone of the cars and of the place where there is damage.

4. Take detailed notes of the damage to the vehicles. It is important to note details such as time of the accident, the model, year, and color of the cars.

5. Approach the other driver in a cordial manner and talk about how the accident happened, don’t engage in an argument with the other driver even if they do not agree on the facts or if they cannot agree on who is to blame.

6. Exchange personal information with the other driver, data such as a driver’s license and car insurance are of utmost importance.

6. If there are multiple-involved drivers whose cars have been damaged then we must repeat the above steps for each one of them.

7. Call your auto insurance company and to initiate a claim for auto accident. The insurance company is going to carry out an investigation of the facts and all the information you can provide about the car crash can be of great help.

8. Call a towing company in San Diego who can help move your car in the event that you car can not be driven safely. Ask the towing person if they have a flatbed and how they can properly handle your car without incurring into more damage.

8. Contact an attorney who specializes in auto accidents. Some cases of car crash require the assistance of a lawyer to represent you before the law to establish who is guilty and help fight for their right to obtain  compensation.