Professional Towing Company Recommendations

It is no secret towing companies often get a bad rap. Occasionally it is well deserved but in many instances the process along with their charges are done legally and correctly. It is a very competitive business and there are rogue towing companies running around of whom you need to be aware. That is why choosing an honest, reputable company here in San Diego should be done ahead of the time you will actually need their service. So how do you evaluate a towing company?

Today, it is highly unlikely an established towing company will not have a website. You can get plenty of information from that site including company history, towing services they offer, photos of their equipment and contact information. Like any business, the longer they have been in business the chances are they have lasted for a reason. Check and see if there are any professional organizations to which they belong. Most websites have an “About Us” page which will give you some background on the proprietors and other members of the team. See if they have testimonials (although many times these can be questionable). Do they have 24-hour service?

Once you have picked a company be sure to enter their phone number in your contact list. That way, in the event of an emergency you only need to push a button to dial their hotline.

These companies can be a lifesaver in a breakdown along a desolate highway, and while they are frequently associated with basic towing services, an experienced company will also provide other roadside services as well. Leaving your keys locked in your car for instance. A good towing company will have the necessary skill and tools to get into your car without doing any damage. Running out of gas could be the problem. Give your friendly towing company a call and they will come to your rescue.   Did your battery die while trying to restart your car (which was out of gas)? No problem, they can jump start it on the spot.

If you happen to breakdown in an unfamiliar location and do need to be towed, often times the operator can recommend a reliable mechanic and get your vehicle safely there.

What type of equipment a company has available can also be crucial in making sure your auto, motorcycle or truck is properly transported? A good company will have a variety of equipment from flatbed trucks, motorcycle racks, and special tow trucks for transporting different vehicles.

In San Diego County, Mission Valley Towing fits the bill for being an honest, reliable and conscientious company. Their longevity in the towing business proves their success and they are considered one of the top towing companies in the County. They meet or exceed all expectations of what a good legitimate business is all about. When you are on your quest to find a company you may someday need in an emergency situation, be sure to include them in your research. Helping people is what they have done for years.