Roadside Assistance: Partnering With The Right Towing Company

Partnering With The Right Towing Company

You are driving along the interstate heading to work. All of a sudden the person in front of you hits their brakes and you have no choice but to hit yours – hard. But it’s too late and before the blink of an eye you are in a three car pileup. Tough way to start the day and more importantly who do you call? One thing you know for sure and that is this car is not going to be driving anywhere. You are going to need two things for sure: A towing company and a good, reputable body shop.

If you are the owner of a body shop in the San Diego area there is a good chance you may not have your own towing company. No problem. Mission Valley Towing who has been in business since 1992 can be the solution to your problem. You need business and one of the best ways to create extra business is to have a relationship with a good towing company. If you don’t, you are missing the boat. That customer in our story could be yours once you are set up right.

Let’s face it; your job is to make those wrecked cars beautiful again. The towing company’s job is to get those cars to your shop. There are so many drivers out there today there are always vehicles that need fixing. Your job is to make sure you have a well run body shop that can handle the business and provides excellent customer service. To do that you will want to team up with a towing company that provides that same customer service out in the field.

Not all customers will be able to drive their car to your shop so since you don’t have a towing company yourself you will want to have either a contract with one or a really good relationship with one. In either case, Mission Valley Towing is available and they offer any type of towing service you may need for any size vehicle. They also offer 24 Roadside Assistance and cover as far north as Scripps Ranch, most all of San Diego County, and as far south as National City.

People today are looking for convenience from getting gas to getting their cars repaired, or the phone number for a Roadside Assistance company San Diego. Short of having your own towing company, partnering up with someone like Mission Valley Towing is the best alternative. Do what you do best and let them do what they do best – get customers to your doorstep. I would give them a call today.