Your Car is Gone

european hooksYou are hoping a tow company took it because the alternative is that it got stolen. Bad either way. Panic, fear, and at some point your just mad someone took your car. I get these calls all the time and I always say I do not do impounds and I don’t have any cars. Sometimes it takes a few hours before the police can tell you where your car has been towed. The signs at the entrances of condo and apartment complexes don’t often say what tow company is around here. The police put you on hold for over an hour at times.

Like I said before, I hear these calls constantly. I feel for them and try to give them the right advice to find their car. If you’re in an apartment or condo complex, contact management or security for the name of the tow company. Maybe at the entrance of the parking lot, you can get the name and number off the tow away sign. If this doesn’t work, you’ll need to contact the police none emergency phone number (619) 531-2000.

I believe that that city should enforce a policy to better mark areas of impounds with better signs displaying the responsible tow company.

I hope you find your car. If your car was impounded due to a collision, we can tow your car to a body shop. We can receive checks from only a few body shops around San Diego. Some of the popular body shops we don’t trust to receive a check.

As many people that call trying to find their car, I get as many calls from people wanting a car impounded. I’d rather not be involved.

Mission Valley Towing can tow your car.