Fears of being Impounded

Mission Valley Towing does not do impounds. Myself, trying to find a place to legally park, am concerned about parking in any private parking lots. Most of private parking lots have tow away signs posted at the entrances. Apartment and condominium complexes are the worst by far.

Lowes parking combined with the Costco parking lot on Friar’s road posts a big sign showing the minimum fee. If you angle your tires to one side, you will be charged significantly more (dolly fees). The Home Depot parking lot on Sports Arena blvd is another place where you should fear being impounded. Both of these places are next to major public gatherings. The nearby business is on guard that when you attend these events, you don’t park in their parking lots.

These big store parking lots often use spotters to identify the illegal parking. They watch you leave your car and see which way you walk. If your wearing a shirt/jersey that identifies your direction, that doesn’t help. These spotters are paid by the towing company or the business. Just look around as you park. It might just be the old women that appear to be reading. More likely it would be a young guy. Either way, their watching to see if you enter the store or get into another car. Just walking off the property after parking might be the most obvious.

I’ve also found big business parking lots that rarely impound cars. When these places do call to have a vehicle impounded, I find out that the car has been there for weeks. These big business parking lots will call to have a car impounded if it’s a nuisance.

Don’t think your safe parking in a church parking lots. These places are often very vigilant enforcing their parking lots.

The apartment and condominium complexes often use stickers on your car to identify which cars have approved parking. The complex security will supply the stickers to the people paying for rent. The security will also coordinate the towing that takes your car. Once the security sets up the towing contracts, the towing company just looks for the stickers. Sometimes they don’t see the sticker and tows it as a result.

If you have to leave your car in a parking lot at any distance of time, it always helps to contact who is supervising this parking lot and inform them of your circumstances.
These towing companies are brutal. I have heard many horror stories that include: a pickup that had all four tires switched, tools missing, body damage …

One person called that had sneaked into the towing yard and stolen his car back. The towing company was emailing him increasing bills for storage. Seems like the tow company never realized the car was gone. I told him that what he did was grand theft and to find a way to resolve this quickly.

Before you leave your car in a public parking lot because of an accident or engine problems, Mission Valley Towing is here to help. I can often recommend a solution to your car problems. Mission Valley Towing can help.