Towing Company

towing company

Mission Valley Towing is one of  the towing companies with more years of experience in the towing and roadside assistance business, we know the stress that having a broken car by the side of the road means and have helped a very large number of car owners in trouble for many years. We can guarantee you one thing, with Mission Valley Towing you are in safe hands, our reputation speaks for itself.

Towing Company responsibilities

The process of towing is not a simpler one and requires following a full fledge procedure to get the damaged vehicles to the right repair facility.

When you call a towing company, the tow truck operator will gather your information like your location, reason for the call, type of car and usually arrives within a few minutes to where you are located.  Now you could think that towing is as simple as just to recover a vehicles and transport it  to another location for storage or repair but this isn’t it, in reality a good towing person will have to follow certain procedures and responsibilities as follows:

  1. Safety is the most important thing, the tow truck company operator who comes to your aid will make sure to look for a safe place where you and your car are out of danger.
  2. A good towing service will arrive at the scene timely, sometimes certain weather or traffic conditions make delay the arrival but he or she should report with you on this delay.
  3. Upon arrival, the tow driver must be knowledgeable and experienced enough to understand the problem with your vehicle.
  4. For minor issues such as flat tires, connecting engine wires or igniting engine after an auto accident, the tow operator must be able to perform on the spot while for major damage repairs, the tow operator needs to tow the vehicle to a workshop.
  5.  The tow driver must have a handful of towing tools and equipment for pulling the vehicle to the elevated truck flatbed
  6. A tow operator must also have the knowledge of the most feasible and reliable repair facility for the vehicle.
  7. After ensuring the vehicle reaches its destination with safety, the tow operators will hand over you the payment slip or send it to you via email.
  8. You can also ask your tow operator to guide or give you some advise regarding all the paperwork that follows the accident.

Next time you find yourself in such a situation, you will know that what services you must expect from tow operators that you hire and how you should expect them to tackle the situation.

Common types of trucks for a towing company: Flatbed

The type of equipment that a company has available can also be crucial in making sure your auto, motorcycle or truck is properly transported? A good company will have a variety of equipment from flatbed trucksmotorcycle racks, and special tow trucks for transporting different vehicles.

In San Diego County, Mission Valley Towing can meet or exceed all expectations of what an excellent towing company is all about.

Towing equipment has certainly changed over the years. They have gone from being basically a pickup truck with a single hoist to more sophisticated trucks for towing cars and larger trucks for handling other large vehicles like semis, RV’s and buses.

As vehicles have changed with more models and categories so has the equipment needed to tow them. No longer does a tow truck driver have to crawl under a broken down vehicle and wrap chains around the frame, then crawl out and start a winch to lift the car off the ground so it could be towed. Some common types of towing trucks are:

  1. Flatbed
  2. Hook and Chain Tow Trucks
  3. Wheel-Lift Tow Truck.

The type of equipment a tow truck driver shows up with depends on the situation. Mission Valley Towing has a tow vehicle to accommodate any kind of distressed vehicle in any kind of terrain and in any kind of weather. One of the more popular tow trucks is actually not really a tow truck at all but rather a flat bed. The truck operator lowers the flatbed and, after connecting cables to your vehicle, winches it up onto the lowered bed. Once the vehicle is firmly in place the bed is raised and “voila”, your car is not being towed by a truck, but being transported by a truck.

Roadside Assistance

You are driving along the interstate heading to work. All of a sudden the person in front of you hits their brakes and you have no choice but to hit yours – hard. But it’s too late and before the blink of an eye you are in a three car pileup. Tough way to start the day and more importantly who do you call? One thing you know for sure and that is this car is not going to be driving anywhere. You are going to need two things for sure: A towing company and a good, reputable body shop.

People today are looking for convenience from getting gas to getting their cars repaired, or the phone number for a Roadside Assistance company San Diego. Short of having your own towing company, partnering up with someone like Mission Valley Towing is the best alternative. Do what you do best and let them do what they do best – get customers to your doorstep. I would give them a call today.

  1. Flatbed towing 24/7
  2. Gas delivery – if your car or motor vehicle runs out of gas then there is no need to stress, just call Mission Valley Towing
  3. Car unlock services
  4. Jump start service to get your battery going or even replaced
  5. Replace a flat tire

Filtering out through different towing companies

So don’t wait until you need your towing company before an incident. Check out companies now, pick one and keep their number handy in your cell phone or written down in your glove box. Not all towing companies are the same even though there is plenty of competition. Finding a reputable, fast and efficient one that will respond to your emergency is the trick. How do you find such a company?

  1. References from friends and family is a good place to start
  2. The internet is an obvious choice for searching for anything including towing companies. Check how long they have been in service, read their “about us” page to get their company philosophy, if possible check out photos of their equipment to see what they have, and most importantly, read their comments section if they have one. If they don’t, search Google websites that provide a complaint section for different companies and see if they are listed.
  3. Call your auto insurance agent and see who they normally work with
  4. Determine how they get paid either by you or your insurance company
  5. Determine the distances they will travel and if there are any additional charges for mileage or anything else
  6. Check out what services they provide and see if they also will jump start your car or bring out gasoline
  7. Make sure they are a 24/7 operation