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This 2018 Honda was loosing engine oil and towed a few miles. Break down was on the 8 freeway at the 163 freeway exit.

towing a tesla

2015 Chevy Cruz lost power and leaked oil on the Interstate 8 late at night. Car was stored then delivered to Courtesy Chevrolet the next morning as the dealer was opening.

towing chevy

Lexus ES350 would not start and the steering wheel was locked. Car towed to a repair shop off Mission Gorge road

towing lexus

2013 Chevrolet Malibu had a transmission issue. Car owner wanted it towed here.

Chevrolet towing

This older Saab was towed a few miles to a mechanic and the owner taken home afterwards. Finding a mechanic that is trained to repair an older Saab was a challenge.

This BMW 5 series was overheating and towed south of Chula Vista to the car owner’s home.

BMW towing