Tow Trucks in San Diego

tow truck towing a lexus

San Diego’s beautiful weather and beach landscape make it a great place to take your family for a car ride. Going to the beach, the mountains, museums, Gaslamp Quarter, the bay, Coronado beach, Sea World, there is so much San Diego has to offer. But for the day to be truly fun you need to be prepared, and no good driver is fully prepared if he or she doesn’t understand what are the different tow truck options available for their vehicle near where they are.

A fun day doesn’t have to be over just because you had a minor accident and find yourself stuck on the side of the road. What’s important is that you have this information ready so you pick the best tow truck that can help you get going again. Here are the main different tow trucks you may need in different scenarios:

    1. Flat Bed Tow Truck: Flatbed trucks are the most common type of tow trucks. The flatbed truck carries a long metallic flatbed where the vehicle can be securely fastened. One of the main advantages of this kind of truck is the ability to lower the bed to a perfect angle where most types of cars can be safely loaded including low riding cars like sport mustangs, BMWs and Tesla. Flatbed towing is one of the most secure ways of transporting any car properly from point A to point B. The picture below shows what a flatbed tow truck looks like and how it can be lowered to provide a better loading angle for most cars.
    2. Integrated Tow Truck: This type of tow truck is more often used for commercial purposes and no so much for towing individual’s vehicles. Unlike the flatbed trucks, the integrated one doesn’t have a long bed where other cars will sit but it has a long arm that is firmly integrated to the heart of the truck itself. Integrated Tow Trucks’s main uses include transporting heavy-duty construction equipment, buses, trailers.
    3. Wheel Lift Tow Truck: Wheel-lift trucks are relatively inexpensive but they are not as widely used as flatbed tow trucks because of safety reasons. The vehicle being towed is suspended by the front wheels by a hydraulic lift which raises the front of the cars and pulls it away. See the picture below for an example of how Wheel lift trucks work and can possibly damage many modern-day vehicles.