Driving Tips for driving safely on Thanksgiving

Make it to dinner safe and on time, plan ahead to reduce stress

Thanksgiving and Christmas mark the most joyful and anticipated season of the year but no doubt it’s also one of the busiest times for everyone in San Diego and everywhere in the entire country.

Regardless of how bad traffic gets every year, people are not shy about getting in their cars and go to visit family, friends or do some last-minute shopping. Do you think the malls are busy places and find to hard parking, you should see it around Thanksgiving.

To help keep you safe, sane, and out of the worst of holiday traffic,Mission Valley Towing created this guide to keep you safe and enjoying the holiday spirit:

Mission Valley Towing is committed to bring safety and quick roadside services to drivers all around San Diego, that’s why we bring you this tips for this holidays season:

  1. Better be well prepared than having to deal with last minute situations. Plan ahead and get everything done in advance. When you have to drive, look into the approximate travel time on Google maps and that will help you leave early and arrive on time to your destination, avoid Mondays and Fridays, particularly between 6 and 10 AM and after 3pm. Remember San Diego is a border town which means this are times in which many people are crossing over to San Diego or heading over to the Tijuana border.
  2. Get your car maintenance up to date. Pay a visit to your favorite mechanic and tell him or her that you want to make sure your maintenance is up to date and your car is in top notch shape. There are a few things that need regular care like your windshield wipers, car fluids – like oil, power steering fluid, and windshield washing solution. If you are going to be doing a long drive to visit family or friends then have the mechanic also check the tires, the header, air pressure, and engine running temperature.
  3. If you are traveling for a long distance, think about everything you will need to stay focused on the road, distracted drivers are as dangerous as drunk drivers. Music, radio o an audiobook can be great for drivers, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road. Get everything you need for the road ready and place it somewhere accessible near your driver seat, bottle or water, pills, sunglasses, etc.
  4. Visit the app store on your iPhone or the android store if you have an android device. Download apps that can help you make your trip more comfortable and secure. GasBuddy is a very popular app that helps drivers find the cheapest gas in a certain radio from your locations. Waze is also one of my favorites, it uses live time data from other drivers using the Waze app and it calculates the fastest route to your destination.
  5. Pay attention at the road at all times, traffic congestion can be pretty bad around San Diego for the holidays. Put down your phone or any other electronic devices that can stop you from paying 100% of your attention the road and the steering wheel. We all know if a celebration time, but no matter how much you enjoy sharing this time with your friends and family, make sure that you find a designed driver or hire a taxi or Uber if you drink alcohol or any other beverages that make you intoxicated or incapable of getting behind the wheel.
  6. Last but not least important, respect other drivers on the road, and respect the traffic signs. Remember that everybody is trying to go somewhere to be with their loved ones and celebrate this wonderful time, don’t be that person speeding and swerving in and out of traffic.

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