Special Equipment For Special Vehicles Tesla/BMW/Mercedez!

If you have just laid out $60,000 to $100,000 or more for your Tesla, BMW, Mercedes or some other luxury car the last thing you want to worry about is someone wrecking it or some sort of breakdown. But, if that should happen, the next thing you do not want to have to worry about is your towing company not having the right equipment to get it to a shop for repairs.

Mission Valley Towing is whom you will want to contact if a mishap occurs in the San Diego area. Not all towing companies have the right equipment for every job but Mission Valley towing does. For instance, if your luxury car breaks down or is in a wreck it will not actually be towed. It will be loaded on a special flatbed truck with an eight-point tie down to make sure the vehicle is transported safely. The tow truck driver actually measures the distance between your car and the angle of his flatbed before hoisting it up to avoid any dings or scratches.

With all the different types of cars on the road today, it is important for you to pick the proper towing company with all the correct equipment. So remember when you need a tow to communicate with the dispatcher not only why you need the tow, but what type of vehicle you have so they can send the correct equipment.

For your luxury car you don not just need a tow truck driver but a recovery specialist that has the special equipment needed to handle your particular situation and get your automobile safely back on the road or delivered to a repair shop or dealer. At Mission Valley Towing, they insist on only hiring the best. All their drivers are experienced, trained professionals who know what is required when working not only with luxury vehicles like Teslas, Mercedes and others, but all range of vehicles. They will ensure that your vehicle is expertly towed to the destination of your choice.

Mission Valley towing is centrally located and serves most of San Diego County. It has grown into a multi-truck operation to service your needs. You will find their staff friendly, courteous and anxious to get your problem resolved as quickly as possible. They are recommended by most local insurance companies and are happy to work with those they don’t know.

So, whether it is a Mercedes Benz, Tesla, Ferrari or motorcycle we have the personnel and equipment to do the job. Do not take a chance on calling just anyone. Put their phone number under contacts in your cell phone now before you forget about it.