The difference between a REAL and a FAKE towing company

real towing company

Many towing companies have “fake” addresses. Addresses that won’t seem real or event might look like an address of a resident. Mission Valley Towing is proud to only have one true location. If these search engines would verify each towing listing within their data banks, the way I figure, 20 percent of these listing would disappear. These false listings and the towing company answering these calls should be disregarded. One of these towing companies with current false towing locations in San Diego, in the past, had over 100 towing location listings in San Diego. That I know of today, have three false towing locations within a few miles of Mission Valley Towing on YELP. There are a few different towing companies out there owning these false towing locations listed on Google and Yelp. If you would like to know more on who to trust and which towing company is not really on the “radar”, my name is Floyd and I’d be glad to answer any questions you may have. I can assure you that Mission Valley Towing has been in this same location doing business since 1992.