choosing a towing company

Many factors come to mind. We’ll start with your location. If a quick response is mandatory, choose a towing company close to your location. is ideal. Many times a towing company close by can provide a better rate than a towing service not near. If you’re close to Mission Valley in the 92108 zip code, well, you should call Mission Valley Towing. We try to provide a quick response time for your service needs within a 5-mile radius of Mission Valley 92108. Mission Valley Towing can also provide quick service to the Kearny Mesa area 92111, Tierrasanta area 92124, Del Cerro 92120, and the Serra Mesa area 92124. We are nominated as the premium towing provider for San Diego.

Service is another factor to consider when choosing a towing company. Mission Valley Towing specializes in flatbed towing. Sometimes a flatbed tow truck is not the most ideal for your situation. When missing a tire or broken ball joint might make a flatbed tow truck less than perfect especially if you need it parked perfectly such as your apartment parking place. Not having your keys could be another situation where a flatbed tow truck would not be ideal. Most of the time, a flatbed tow truck should be your first choice. If your car is towed with a wheel lift tow truck, you run the common risk of getting flat spots on your tires. It just takes a moment as your car being towed goes through a dip in the road. As the back wheels of the tow truck enter the dip. The wheel lift will have lowered to the point to where the front tires of your car touch the pavement. Common problems could be a closed tailpipe in the rear and brake lines being pinched is always a worry. I’ve seen wheel lift tow trucks damage the front fenders of a car as the tow truck driver mistakenly lets your steering wheel turn through a turn instead of having the wheel lift stinger doing the pivot. Of course, if you have a low car, your damage possibilities increase. Mission Valley Towing uses a flatbed so your concerns are greatly reduced. Mission Valley Towing has a plus BBB rating.
The Mission Valley Towing flatbed tow truck provides an eleven-degree load angle which is a damage-free performance for your car. Mission Valley Towing is your better choice when it comes to towing your car.
Perhaps your concerns are centered around the rookie tow truck driver that has never towed a car before. Of course in this situation, your car damage possibilities have just skyrocketed. This is a real concern as many towing companies are using immigrants, new to this country, that are being paid minimum wage, in order to maximize towing profits for the owner. When you call Mission Valley Towing, you’ll be getting a seasoned towing veteran with more than 25 years of flatbed cars in the San Diego area. When you call Mission Valley Towing, you’ll be getting a 2015 truck with a custom built flatbed. This custom built flatbed goes back eleven feet. That’s two feet more than our competitors flatbed. The difference with our custom built flatbed is our load angle and our dump angle. You would be impressed if you could see both kinds side by side. Mission Valley Towing flatbed tow trucks are the premium vessel for your special car.
Maybe, your concerns are centered around the honesty of the towing company of your choice. One towing company that comes to mind offers a jump start special for $29. After starting your car, your bill is over $80 and sometimes around $150. I guess they forgot to inform you they charge extra for labor. Even if the labor is lifting your hood and attaching cables. Then there was a towing company that would take your car to the same place regardless of where you decide to have your car delivered. Of course, missing items from your car is another concern. Mission Valley Towing has proudly served San Diego since 1992. Always with the same tow truck driver. That would be the same person that is writing this story. My name is Floyd and I’m here to help. Mission Valley Towing is once again your better choice.
I want to remind the consumer that Mission Valley Towing is the premium towing company in San Diego since 1992. Mission Valley Towing has the most experienced towing driver to assist you and the new custom built flatbed truck. I’m here to serve. Call Mission Valley Towing.