Car unlocking in San Diego. Here’s what you can do

You get distracted going into work and don’t realize that you left your car keys locked inside your car. Now it’s time to go home so what do you do? Calling an Uber to get home won’t solve the problem because you need your car to come to work the next day or to do other chores.

Luckily you have several options, here are a few tips for the next time you are locked out of your car here in San Diego, CA.

Don’t freak out and try to remain calm to assess the situation and determine your options.

Sometimes it’s hard to see a very simple solution to a problem when you are too upset or worried about the issue.

Before we consider calling for help from a professional car unlocking company let’s try to find a way to unlock the car yourself.

Try every single door, and also the trunk, they may let you in the car if one of the doors remained open.

Do you have a spare key? Most car owners have two or three car keys. Think about whether your wife, husband, family member or friends may have a key, or may be able to find it for you at home and bring you the spare key.

If you don’t have one, this is definitely a good moment for reflection, try and get a copy of your car keys so that the next time around this doesn’t become an expensive issue.

Call your insurance company and check your roadside assistance coverage.

Your car insurance can come in handy in this type of situations. 

Most insurance companies have a toll free number where you can call them 24/7. 

First thing, locate your insurance information, policy number, and drivers license. Call the insurance company and ask them whether you have roadside assistance included in your policy. Keep in mind that not all car insurance policies include this service by default.

In case there is no coverage for unlocking your car, ask them for a referral or the number of a local locksmith or car unlocking company that they can recommend. Insurance companies often have an arrangement with this type of businesses and may be able to even get you a discount.

If your car is relatively new and you are still making payments, particularly if you are still within the first two or three years of ownership, you can call the dealer where you purchased your car and ask them whether they can provide free roadside assistance for unlocking your car. They may do it free of charge.

Call a Tow Truck Service in San Diego

I know, this won’t be free, unless it’s covered under your roadside assistance or an insurance policy, but this is probably the quickest way to get up and going.

A tow truck service for car unlocking is common and usually not very expensive.

Here is what to do, google for “tow truck service near me” usually, there will be a couple of paid ads in the results, ignore the paid listings if you can, and then you will see the names of different towing companies near you, their phone number, website and reviews.

Call them and ask how much it will cost for this type of service and whether they can help rather quickly or not.

Mission Valley Towing is ready to offer car unlocking service throughout the entire San Diego area 24/7. Call us today at (858) 278 -1247