Car accidents statistics in San Diego County

San Diego City has the largest number of car accidents in the entire San Diego County, with over 49,000 car accidents, which is so many times more than the next city, Chula Vista, with only 7,705 accidents in 2018. 

According to the California Highway Patrol, San Diego, Oceanside, and Chula Vista were among the cities with more auto accidents and injuries as a result of an auto accident.

2018 wasn’t just a very bad year for car accidents, according to this article for KPBS from 2017, in San Diego, cars are deadlier than guns.

Driving is part of most people’s daily routine, whether going to work, pick up the kids from school or just going to the supermarket.  Here are some tips to be safer and avoid having an accident while driving:

  1. Conduct a yearly inspection of your car. Take it to a professional mechanic who can give you an assessment of whether your car needs repairs or a tune-up.
  2. As we get older, most people need to start using prescription glasses. Visit your local doctor and check your eyesight. Having a good vision can help you avoid obstacles on the road, and prevent an accident.
  3. Avoid taking any drugs that can cause dizziness or drowsiness, this can impair your ability to drive safely.
  4. Don’t use handheld mobile phones or electronic devices while driving.
  5. Do not drink alcohols or any other substance that can impair your ability to drive.
  6. Avoid going out at times of high traffic, leaving as early as 30 minutes before time can help you avoid a great deal of traffic. According to the California Highway Patrol, Interstate 5 had the highest number of deaths due to car accidents in 20118.
  7. Never engage with an angry driver.

Last but not least, keep handy the number of your towing company in case you have an accident and you need roadside assistance. Mission Valley Towing operates 24/7 and can help you quickly to resolve issues with your car when you are stranded on the side of the road.