Hire a Towing Company with the right tools!

You are out for a nice Sunday ride and the day is beautiful with bright sunshine and a wide-open road. The wind blows through your hair as you careen down the country highway at a cool 65 miles an hour. Then, out in the middle of nowhere, your engine sputters to a stop. You have plenty of gas and you are not sure why the engine quit running. Luckily, you have your cell phone with you and you connect with roadside assistance with the push of a button. They tell you someone should be there between 45 minutes and an hour. No problem.

Your standard tow truck shows up as promised, but there is a problem. You neglected to tell roadside assistance you were on a motorcycle. This presents a problem since this particular tow company has an old truck with nothing more than conventional equipment. The Sunday afternoon ride is now going to turn into an afternoon nightmare, as you now need a different company with the correct equipment to be dispatched. Bummer.

Hire a Towing Company with the correct equipment for the job.

With all the different varieties of vehicles on the road today, it is important that you pick the right towing company with the correct equipment for the job. For instance, if you have a lifted Ford 350 with huge tires and perhaps a camper shell on the back, you will need something that will be able to handle this large of a job. If you have driven off the road into a snow bank or ditch, you need to explain this to dispatch so once again they can send the proper truck out to do the job.

San Diego Towing Company Services

There are hundreds if not thousands of cars on the road every day, many of them requiring towing services. The following are a few of the various types of services usually offered by different towing companies.


  • Light to Medium Towing – Almost every company provides towing services for light and medium duty vehicles. These services include jumpstarts, opening locked doors, providing gas and other types of assistance. If you have been involved in a collision, they can help you get to a nearby service station or mechanic.
  • Off Road Services – There may be a situation where you were forced off the road by a snowstorm, animal or another vehicle and you become mired in mud or snow.
  • There are recovery specialists with special equipment to handle that situation but you need to let them know. The majority of towing companies out there have specialists on board to handle these types of situations and they can get you safely back on the road again without damaging your vehicle.
  • Winches – These may be a towing operator’s best friend. It is never easy to push your vehicle out of mud, snow or a ditch as the car rolls back into you. Most tow trucks of any size come equipped with winches just to handle such a job.


So, regardless of your type of vehicle or situation there is going to be equipment to do the job. Your job is to let the towing company know what that job is before they arrive to help. Good luck!