The Dump Angle this Truck can Produce

Mission Valley Dump Angle truck

This truck works much better than most. The angles this truck produces still amazes me. I have often written about how this flatbed will produce an eleven-degree load angle. The dump angle on this truck is equally impressive. When attempting for maximum dump angle, I’ll need to draw the bed back in. As the dump angle gets steeper, the truck foot hits the ground and then the bed. As I retract the bed, I can continue the steeper angle. Continuing results in the back tires coming off the ground. Most of the weight of the truck and load has shifted to the foot of the rollback. I’ve never checked the angle of steepness, but, I believe it’s well over 25 degrees.This is just one of the many features this new, custom made, Mission Valley Flatbed Rollback Tow Truck can achieve. Kilar manufacturing in Hubbard, Ohio makes the best flatbed rollbacks on the market. Although Kilar rollbacks are very pleasing to the eye, their real asset is the angles these beds can produce. Above pictured is just one example why these flatbeds are better.