5 Tips on how you can avoid spending hundreds of dollars on a car towing

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You go out with friends for dinner to the local shopping mall and after a great night out, you come back to your car and find out that your car has been towed. If there is anything worse than that is the fact you may be on the hook for hundreds of dollars in towing fees.

If your vehicle has been towed, ALWAYS take photos of the location you parked, and EVERY entry and exit point of the parking facility. Make sure that you identify if towing warning signs are present and, if so, get good clear photos of the signs.

Next, locate your vehicle by calling the number on the towing sign. This number must be answered 24/7 to help you locate your vehicle.

Maybe you called a tow truck because your vehicle broke down o needed roadside assistance. Regardless of the reason, here are a three tips on how to  save money on your car towing:

Call a towing company that you have used in the past:

If you need towing assistance or roadside assistance, either because your car won’t start or you have a flat tire, your best choice if to call a towing company that you have used in the past and that you feel comfortable with.

Call a family member or a friend and ask them if they know of a tow truck business that’s honest and affordable, chances are that someone you know have used this type of services before and they can recommend someone.

Look on the internet for “towing companies near me“. You should get a list of nearby businesses that are open 24/7 and are available when you need them. It’s important to read their google and yelp reviews prior to calling one. Going to good and bad reviews will give you a sense for the company and the person in charge of running it. Are they honest, reliable? Do they have a clear price structure? These are things that will help you decide which company to hire.

Negotiate the towing charges with the towing company:

When you call a towing company, you should ask up front how much their are going to charge for towing your vehicle from point A to point B. If the towing operator is vague or doesn’t give you a straight answer, call a different company and ask them the same question. It’s important to know what the real value is for towing your car, if you feel is to high, you can negotiate the price with the towing company.

We have seen cases in which the driver is involved in an auto accident and the car is totaled. You are still on the hook for towing charges, even if you don’t intend to keep the car or repair it. The good news is that you can talk to the towing business and get to an agreement, sometimes they will waive some or all of your fees if you transfer the title of the vehicle over to them.

Fight the towing charges:

Once your vehicle is located, proceed to the storage facility to pick it up. When getting the vehicle, make sure to get a copy of the storage receipt, towing receipt, and consent tow rate price sheet. Always ask for a copy of any persons’ license you come in contact with. Verify that the person is the person that is listed on the invoice you are provided.

Take photos of the vehicle BEFORE you move it. Report any damage to the storage facility BEFORE you leave.

Towing rules are so strict that if a company violates any of them, there’s a chance to beat the tow charge and even get more hundreds in damages. Research this rules for your state, these rules involve the proper use of warning signs.

This rules mention specific mandates concerning the sign’s height. The height of the sign from the ground. Next, look where the sign is posted. They must be “permanently affixed to a pole, permanent barrier, or permanent wall.”

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