5 Off-Road Towing Tips

When the average individual thinks about off-road vehicles the first thing that comes to his mind heavy-duty trucks, lift suspension and tons of other really cool modifications. Even if you are not likely to drive one of this trucks ever in your life, chances are that you may find yourself driving through a road that is unpaved or gravel roads that can prove challenging for your vehicle.

Mission Valley Towing has so many years of experience doing flatbed towing services around San Diego county. We bring you 5 tips to keep you and your vehicle safe while going off the beaten path.

  1. When traveling off the hard surface of the road, remember that gravel, sand or dirt offer less traction to your wheels in both accelerating and stopping situations and especially in hill climbing. If you must take your trailer to the bottom of a steep hill, be sure the return route up to the top of the hill is straight enough that you can make a run for it.
  2. Loosening your weight distribution bar chains or adding rocks or other weights to your trunk might get you out of a tight spot if you stall, slipping your drive wheels on a very steep hill. If not, you may have to call for help from another tow vehicle. Roads causing this kind of problem are rare but some of the most beautiful campgrounds might have just such an entrance.
  3. If you have a heavy trailer driving into a camp and all you see in camp are lightweights, check carefully to make sure that your larger rig can enter safely, park comfortably and leave easily. Steep loose graveled grades are much easier to drive down into than to pull a heavy load up. Camping will be more enjoyable for all in your party if you are careful not to get your RV into a situation that requires help (sometimes professional), to get out of.
  4. Tight turns, even on paved roads, should be examined carefully if you are towing a trailer that is extra long. The tow vehicle may be able to follow the road only if the trailer cuts across the corner. Trees, curbs, boulders, soft shoulders etc. may damage the trailer if pulled across the inside of the turn. The rear of the trailer may also swing in an arc that is also occupied by a tree, building, post etc.
  5. If you intend to do much off highway travel, carry along an axe, small bucksaw, tow chain and cable, a shovel and a couple of three or four foot boards that can be used to aid you in getting unstuck. A tow chain or cables are sometimes helpful and a power winch may be a practical option. Loosen the tension of your sway bars when maneuvering in and out of camp areas to reduce stiffness in turning. In slick conditions of snow and ice, loosen sway bar adjustments. In extreme cases, over-tightened sway control bars could force your tow vehicle to go straight ahead instead of turning in the direction you turn it.

Sometimes when you get stuck, it’s better to call a professional, if you try to race your engine or spin the wheels you could be making the situation even worse and if you keep trying to free your stuck vehicle this may bring as a result irreparable damages to your engine, transmission or rear axle. For more information about towing prices and how to save money on your next towing service, call Mission Valley Towing at (858) 278 1247 we are a flatbed towing company available 24/7 in San Diego, CA.