If you have personal injuries or you are in a dangerous position, CALL 911 and inform the police. Mission Valley Towing can help. Call for an estimated time of arrival now. We can also get you a flat rate for your needs also. Think about where you would like to take your car for repair. Cars that have been in an accident, mostly, are unwanted jobs for your local mechanics. You will want to research body shops. Mission Valley Towing can store your car for an evening and deliver your car to the body shop of your choice. Remember that when any tow truck works at an accident scene, this tow truck is responsible for cleaning the wreck scene.


If you are located within five miles of Qualcomm stadium, We can usually get to you within 25 minutes. Call to get an honest time quotation for your flatbed tow truck arrival. Tow truck arrival (to your car) can vary depending on the business of the tow truck, traffic conditions, and weather conditions. If you are on the freeway, the direction your car is facing makes a difference. Especially, if there is no onramp behind you for a few miles and traffic has become gridlock.


Keys show that you have rights to the car. Keys also allow the car to be shifted from park to neutral. Keys allow the steering wheel to unlock. If your steering wheel is locked, you won’t be able to turn your steering wheel. If you have the keys, your car can roll and steer more and as a result, your car will effectively roll onto the flatbed tow truck. When you don’t have the keys, we will use hydraulics which will use skid plates to allow your car to skid with minimal friction. The Mission Valley Towing tow truck is also equipped with Go-Jacks. These are a rolling set of four casters that fit under each tire. With these Go-jacks, your car can be turned so the towing tow truck can get a straight angle to your car. Sometimes your front tires have been locked in a turning position, there should be an answer for this also. Sometimes, without the keys, the mission valley towing flatbed truck won’t be able to retrieve your car.


If you’re not sure, It’s possibly better to use a Mission Valley Towing flatbed tow truck to tow your car to a gas station first. If your car doesn’t start, at least your mechanic car rule out lack of fuel and your car might start where you can be back on your way. A Mission Valley Towing tow truck can also go to a gas station before arrival to your car and purchase gas. When you have a diesel and run out of diesel, most of the time, your vehicle will need to be primed. You might be best to get diesel and plan on towing your car or truck to your mechanic.


A Mission Valley Towing flatbed tow truck is equipped with the latest lockout tools for those moments in life you are locked out from your car. The manufacture always allows a way for towing service providers to unlock all locked vehicles. Mission Valley Towing tow truck driver has been unlocking all cars over the last 20 years.


A Mission Valley Towing tow truck is equipped with a floor jack, air compressor, and the lug wrenches for most cars. There are specialized lug bolts that require the customer’s tools. This tow truck is also equipped with tire plugs that can permanently repair your tire roadside. These tire plugs only work with holes from a nail or screw. Any holes on the side wall will not be repaired. If a tire shop is near, it might be best to flatbed tow your car to the tire shop. The tire shop will have a different method to repair your tire that can patch larger holes than your mission valley towing tow truck can repair. At times, the customer’s spare tire they carry in their truck might not be the correct rim for your car. Several experts suggest that towing your car to the tire shop is the best choice.


A Mission Valley Towing tow truck can supply power for your low battery. Batteries over three years old are suspect for replacing. It’s possible that you have the wrong battery for your car. Another possibility is that your terminals are not tight. Loose terminals can often be the result that the installer of the battery cleaned/reduced the diameter of the battery posts such that the battery connectors can not tighten. Sometimes, your car has an alternator problem. This would suggest that your car needs towing to your local mechanic. Usually, the Mission Valley Towing tow truck will reconnect the jumper cables after your car doesn’t restart. Replacing your old car battery is often your best choice.