Mission Valley Towing offers Flatbed Tow Truck Services in the 92108 are can cover all your car towing needs.
When you are stranded, and need a tow truck near 92108, Mission Valley Towing will be fast to respond and will flatbed tow your car.
Flatbed towing is much better for your car than a conventional tow truck. The biggest problem with a conventional tow truck could be flat spots on your tires. On a conventional tow truck your tires are locked into a cradle of steel bars and strapped down, either the front or back of your vehicle is raised, if the conventional tow truck goes through a dip the locked in wheels dip down and possibly touch the pavement, that will create flat spots on your tires. If the locked in wheels are raised enough, that won’t happen. The more one end of your car is raised raises the possibility that the other side will touch down. For example, if your front wheels are raised, the higher the front end is raised, the lower your back bumper will be. Of course, we all know the towing damage that could happen then. The lower and longer your car is, the more likely something bad will happen. Mission Valley Tow Truck service specializing in the 92108 area uses a flatbed tow truck for all cars.
Your vehicle will be slowly loaded onto a flatbed with an a very low angle of approach to ensure no scrapping of your car happens. The lower the angle the less pressure on your car and the less scrapping. Actually, Mission Valley Towing in the 92108 area uses only a custom-built rollback flatbed truck that produces an eleven degree load angle on flat pavement. Mission Valley Towing not only uses a flatbed truck, Mission Valley Towing uses a custom-built flatbed tow truck that goes back eleven feet.
Our competitors’ flatbed tow trucks only go back nine feet. The difference is striking. Mission Valley Towing serves all of San Diego but is always near Mission Valley and the 92108 area. We use a flatbed tow truck that excels over our competition. Mission Valley Tow Truck is the better choice.
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