Whether you have a flat tire or stranded on the road, we can help. Mission Valley Flatbed Tow Truck is now available for everyone that lives in 92108.

Many people believe towing a truck is simply picking up the car and taking it to its destination. What they do not realize the difference between a flatbed tow truck and a conventional tow truck.

One of the biggest problems when using a conventional tow truck is the truck goes through a dip the locked wheels on your car will run through the dip causing the front bumper to scratch the pavement. This is not recommended for any car, especially for sports cars. On the other hand, a flatbed tow truck will lock onto a cradle of steel bars and secure your car. This will help your car avoid any interferences on the road.

Of course, we all know the towing damage could happen. The lower and longer your car is, the more chances your car is exposed to damages. Mission Valley Tow Truck service specializing in towing cars. We use a flatbed tow truck for all cars. Your vehicle will slowly be loaded onto a flatbed with a very low angle of approach to ensure no scrapping of your car happens. The lower the angle the less pressure on your car and the less scrapping. Actually, Mission Valley Towing in the 92108 area uses only a custom built rollback flatbed truck that produces an eleven-degree load angle on flat pavement. Mission Valley Towing not only uses a flatbed truck, Mission Valley Towing uses a custom built flatbed tow truck that goes back eleven feet. Our competitors flatbed tow trucks only go back nine feet. The difference is striking. Mission Valley Towing in the 92108 area uses a flatbed tow truck that excels over our competition. Mission Valley Tow Truck is the better choice. Thanks for reading.