Tow Truck Employees

Tow Truck Employees

I must admit I haven’t witnessed bad tow truck employees in over fifteen years. I don’t see why anything has changed. My neighbor got me into towing cars over 25 years ago. He was an employee of a very large towing company in San Diego known for doing lots of impounds. I even sat in his truck as he did no nefarious duties. I was amazed at the corruption at its core. The security guards were routinely paid under the table. The owner of the company would do favors for people he liked and rip off others. The employees were no different. Any car brought in under impound was subject to the first thieve that wanted something in your car. I even heard a story about an impounded Toyota pickup where they exchanged the tires with an employees Toyota pickup. Abuse wasn’t limited to the cars impounded or repossessed, the tow trucks themselves were abused. Clutches on these tow trucks usually lasted fifteen to twenty thousand miles. Automatic transmissions didn’t last much longer. I remember one story about one of these employees that threw the transmission into the park as he was driving due to the sandwich he was eating. If your car had a simple breakdown or you were in an accident, I don’t believe the consumer would fare any better. The company I refer to is still in business under the same ownership.

A different towing company I worked with (not for) back in the nineties showed a different set of circumstances. The owner offered a great service at great prices and was very honest. He had limited control over his employee. This employee was beyond bad and the owner was too slow to react. This employee would take most every car towed to the same mechanic. Regardless of the car owners requests. The tow driver and mechanic had a collision that seemed unbreakable. When a tow charge came through that was cash, there would be some sort of excuse that padded the employees pocket. This driver would often lift the front tires of the tow truck off the ground showing his ignorance and the stress upon the frame of the tow truck. Beyond all this, this driver would get drunk and make phone calls showing complete belligerence and threats. It took the involvement of the police on my behalf to stop my involvement. Needless to say, the owner would send more and more of his customers to Mission Valley Towing and I would help the owner otherwise. The employee became fired eventually and started his competing company.

Mission Valley Towing doesn’t hire employees and doesn’t take calls for a different substitute company. When I say I will take the job, you will get me in the Mission Valley Towing Flatbed truck shown in all the pictures. My name is Floyd and I’ve been helping people in San Diego using a flatbed rollback since May of 1992. I have more experience than most tow drivers on the road. Beyond having more than 25 years of experience, the flatbed that will greet you has the latest equipment to properly flatbed your car or truck. This Mission Valley Flatbed Tow Truck is better than most new flatbeds on the road. Myself, the Owner, has more experience than most employee tow drivers on the road.

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